The Ashdown Weekend

Welcome to The Ashdown Weekend

The 2018 Ashdown Weekend has drawn to a close.  We were blessed with stunning weather (those who remembered 2016’s deluge were especially pleased), and six very well attended events. We’d like to thank everyone who supported the weekend by coming  and hope that you enjoyed yourselves.

The raffle prize-winning tickets for 2018 were: yellow 310 (for the barrow), blue 292, yellow 19, yellow 58, yellow 335, yellow 292.


Forty four years ago, the very first Ashdown Fair programme stated that the chief objective of the whole event is to give parishioners the opportunity of working together in a common project and to provide events to interest all…

Many years later these are still the main aims of The Ashdown Weekend.

The ‘Weekend’ is now spread over three days. We are able to cater for even more interests and all ages. It was originally agreed that any proceeds from The Weekend would be put back into parish organisations, and this has been augmented to include local charities.

Every organisation in the locality has benefited at some time over these past 40 years; children’s groups, the Good Companions, football and cricket clubs, local schools, charitable bodies and many more have all received financial support.

The 2018 Ashdown Weekend took place between the 22nd-24th June 2018.  The next Ashdown Weekend will be in 2020, we hope to see you then.

We would like to thank those who took part in, or encouraged the participants of, the 2018 Fun Run on the Ashdown Forest. This event took place on 20 May 2018, and the results can be found on the Fun Run page.

Information on all Ashdown events can be found on this website, please use the menu at the top of the screen to navigate around.

Graeme Love & Simon Briggs

Joint Chairmen,
The Ashdown Weekend Committee

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